Video: Novak Djokovic and Andrea Petkovic hula hoop during delay

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

The key to Wimbledon success has nothing to do with serving, groundstrokes or keeping the whites washed and pressed. It's all about finding things with which to keep busy during the interminable rain delays.

Good thing for Novak Djokovic, Andrea Petkovic and Victoria Azarenka then that there's a yellow hula hoop around. The players were goofing around with the kid's toy in the locker room this last weekend while rain kept them off the practice court. Petkovic captured the impromptu competition on video:

Azarenka wins on proficiency, while Djokovic takes the crown for style points.

They better keep the hula hoop handy this week. Rain is forecast for the rest of the week at Wimbledon.

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