Novak Djokovic is lucky his girlfriend is a good sport

Chris Chase

Novak Djokovic doesn't need to be smooth with the ladies. He has a long-time girlfriend in Jelena Ristic, plus the fact that he's the No. 1 tennis player in the world. Still, you'd think that even with the rust that accumulates from being in a five-year relationship, the Djoker would be more suave than this.

Following his fourth-round win at the Australian Open, Djokovic was goaded into telling a story about how he was taking jokey pre-match pictures of Ristic on his cell phone. Apparently he has one of the apps that adds a few hundred pounds to the face of the subject and thought it'd be funny to run Ristic's photo through the process. Jim Courier, who interviews players for Australia's Channel 7, had seen Djokovic doing this and asked him about it in front of 16,000 fans and a worldwide television audience.

Djokovic took the bait and told the tale. Ristic was a good sport and chuckled along with the crowd.

Then, more than 24 hours later, long after everyone had forgotten about the story, Djokovic posted one the pictures to his Twitter account.

If there's one thing all women love, it's pictures that make them look heavier than they are. Not that I'm complaining about Djokovic posting this. The next time I get in trouble, I'm using the "Hey, at least I didn't post a fat-app picture of you to 500,000 people on Twitter."