Blue courts aren’t the worst thing about the Mutua Madrid Open

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Look, the courts are blue and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Let's focus our efforts on something that's far more insulting to fans: the official website of the Mutua Madrid Open.

The website is like a casino: Brightly colored, impossible to navigate and seemingly intent on numbing your senses to the outside world. Pages take so long to load you'd think you were on your 14.4 AOL connection. Important information, like the tournament draws, are hidden like easter eggs.

And what's a little propaganda between friends? Witness the story leading the website on Monday afternoon, during the first full day of men's play:

What a scoop! I'd like to tell you what else Djokovic said but the site crashed my browser when I tried to watch the video. (Seriously.)

The Madrid website doesn't need to be hard-hitting like "60 Minutes." It's a marketing tool designed to attract interest in the event. The real (and sort of contrived) news of the players being upset with the blue clay doesn't need to be addressed. Especially not when there's big stories like this out there:

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