Young Atletico Madrid player learns not to shop at the Real Madrid store

Brooks Peck

There is a lot young footballers must learn, especially coming up at a big club in a big city like Atletico Madrid, but one lesson that should go without saying is not to shop in your local rival's club store. And if you do, just don't stop to take pictures while you're still inside it.

Highly touted 17-year-old Atletico Madrid midfielder Oliver Torres did both of those things when he stopped by the Santiago Bernabeu to buy a pair of boots at the Real Madrid shop days after making his first team debut for Atletico. The photo ended up on Twitter and Atletico fans reacted how football fans react to things and Torres then had to explain himself. He tweeted:

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"I needed football boots in an emergency, don't doubt the Atlètico (fan) that I am."

Nevermind the fact that in a city like Madrid there must be plenty of places for a professional footballer to acquire boots that aren't Real Madrid's official store, he's 17 and this is the kind of thing a 17-year-old (or a ginger prince) would do. So Atletico Madrid will use this as a teaching moment.

From the Telegraph:

Atlètico coach Diego Simeone says this experience will help Torres "grow and understand his surroundings ... and be more careful."

First rule of understanding your surroundings: If a building has a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo on it, don't go inside. For numerous reasons.

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