Ronaldo loses 37 pounds on Brazilian weight-loss reality TV show

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In September, Brazilian legend Ronaldo aimed to repair his "bad relationship with the scales" by participating in a reality TV show that would help him lose the excess pounds he gained in the latter stages of his career and post-retirement.

After three months of Gangnam Style dancing and topless Pilates on the 'Medida Certa' show, the three-time FIFA Player of the Year has made sure the name 'Fat Ronaldo' is anachronistic by shifting an impressive 37 pounds from his 260-pound frame.

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Ronaldo's before and after shots (
Ronaldo's before and after shots (


Sunday night in front of a live television audience, Ronaldo tipped the scales at 101 kilos (222 pounds) and his waistline went down from 107 centimeters (42 inches) to 93 centimeters.

The 2014 World Cup organizing committee member set a goal of being fit enough to take part in a Zinedine Zidane charity match, taking place in Porto Alegre on Wednesday.

While Ronny has credited his weight loss on a gruelling exercise regime and sensible diet, presumably it can also be attributed to the medication  he has been taking for the thyroid problem he claimed to have when retiring.

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