Retired Ronaldo saves a photographer in New York

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Now that Ronaldo has retired from the game, he has more free time to save the lives of strangers while visiting foreign cities. According to Globo and newspaper O Dia, Ronaldo saved a photographer from a certain doom in the streets of New York on Monday, while in town for a charity event, no less.

The report says that he was surrounded by paparazzi after leaving an Italian restaurant on Madison Avenue. One photographer was standing in the middle of the street, snapping away and completely unaware of a truck coming his way. Ronaldo spotted it, though, and "ran into the street" to save him, prompting applause from others at the scene.

Given that description, we can assume the truck wasn't going terribly fast. Still, this will hopefully serve as the basis for a superhero movie about O Fenomeno that opens with him eating a spaghetti dinner and then saving New York from a big rig recklessly driven by Maradona. It will make more money than "Avatar."

Photo: AP

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