Pitch invader tried to put hat on World Cup trophy before final

Brooks Peck

Notorious and prolific pitch invader Jimmy Jump did it again, this time coming oh-so-close to getting his hands on the World Cup trophy just before the final. A team of security men wrestled him to the ground just before he could get one his signature red caps on the trophy in what might be his biggest invasion yet.

A well known Barcelona fan, Jimmy Jump has managed to evade security teams at each of the last two European Championship, he ran through the starting lane at the 2004 Spanish Grand Prix, he scared the bejesus out of Roger Federer during the 2009 French Open men's singles final, and he even took the stage during the 2010 Eurovision song contest, going so far as to gleefully participate in one performer's choreography.

And now, Jimmy Jump has made his mark on a World Cup final in his "Jimmy Jump against racism" T-shirt, one-upping the Italian pitch invader who jogged through the Germany-Spain semifinal. Though they proved harmless, security breaches in two of the tournament's biggest matches is a bit of a black eye for FIFA. And they'll probably make the two offenders pay for that.

But in the end, Jimmy Jump went peacefully as a horde of orange-clad security personnel carried him off in an understated fashion.

Here's video of the incident:

Photos: AP, Reuters