Now Pele says Lionel Messi isn’t even as good as Neymar

Brooks Peck

We know Pele won't even entertain the idea that Lionel Messi is as good (let alone better) than he was until Messi scores 1,283 goals and wins three World Cups like he did, but now Pele says that the Argentine isn't even as good as Santos' 20-year-old sensation Neymar.

Speaking at a press conference celebrating Santos' centenary, Pele took his position as the world's foremost Messi troll to a new level (via

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"Now everyone is talking about Messi, he is a star. But [to be the best ever] he must first become better than Neymar," he asserted.

"At the moment Messi is just more experienced."

By Pele logic, doesn't Messi have to be better than Neymar because he's scored more goals and won more trophies? Or, as Maradona recently said, did Pele just get his pills mixed up again?

On the subject of Maradona, a reporter from a comedy show presented Pele with a Maradona Argentina shirt during the press conference, prompting Pele to clarify his opinion of the Al Wasl coach.

"You [journalists] are always saying that I am Maradona's rival, but it is not true. I was never his rival, and he was a great attacking midfielder."

"...but not as great as Kaka."

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