Lionel Messi accepted his record fourth straight Ballon d’Or award in a polka dot tuxedo

Lionel Messi winning his record fourth straight Ballon d'Or was as much a certainty as the sun rising to start another day. Of course it is very much deserved after a season in which he scored a world record 73 goals, but it was also very much expected. So Messi has to keep things interesting at these events in other ways. Namely, with his suits.

Last year, he accepted his Ballon d'Or in a velvet jacket, so this year he took it to yet another level and wore a polka-dotted tux. And when he wins again in 2013, he'll probably have to wear a 3-D jacket or one with a reanimated dinosaur attached to it.

Meanwhile, this is how Cristiano Ronaldo reacted to scoring 60 goals last season and actually wearing a normal tuxedo only to finish as runner-up yet again...

And here's the excellent video produced by adidas and artist Richard Swarbrick to honor Messi's latest success: