DTotD: Belgian amateur sent off for diving as he was carted off on a stretcher

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Referees and fans of the game have both grown increasing suspicious and paranoid about footballers diving, but this incident in a match between Belgian amateur sides Templeuve and Quevy proves that sometimes they do deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Julien Lecomte was going up for a header in the box when a clash of heads left him seriously injury late in the match. The referee, however, presumably thought he was taking a dive to try and win a penalty, so he booked Lecomte, who was already on a yellow card. This led to the supremely bizarre scene of the ref showing Lecomte a second yellow and the subsequent red card while Lecomte lay incapacitated on a hospital stretcher just before being wheeled off the pitch.

Lecomte reportedly suffered three displaced vertebrae and a concussion from the collision, which is either evidence that he's willing to go a long way to try and gain an advantage for his team or that this referee needs to be a little less cynical.

Video via 101gg

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