Who paid for roasted duck billboard just outside of Orange County? (Photo)

Harrison Mooney

The Los Angeles Kings have taken the upper hand in their second-round series with the Anaheim Ducks, winning the first two games. And now, fittingly, for what's been dubbed the "Freeway Series", since the teams are only a short drive apart, they've even staked their claim to the road.

If you happen to be in California, and you're headed south on I-5 into Orange County, and you're not texting or trying to reach a french fry you dropped while still keeping your eyes above the dashboard, there's a good chance you'll spot this new billboard:

That is a roasted duck. See, because the team from Anaheim are called the Ducks, and sometimes people roast ducks. Ha ha ha.

For real though, this is some quality trolling. Right on the edge of Orange County.

Will the Ducks will respond with a "Go Ducks Go" billboard that features Claudius, usurper of the Danish throne, holding a vial of ear poison?

Actually, a more pertinent question: who paid for this? Some theories.

The Kings. Lord knows the team isn't above it. It's a sassy group of promoters over there, as their Twitter account, the real breakout star of the 2012 playoffs, has proven time and time again. It does seem awfully suspicious that whoever paid for this billboard took the time to track down and employ the Kings' official font, and use Kings colors, and lay the thing out like an in-house marketing team might. I was told, "We're not involved," upon reaching out, but I smell shenanigans.

A Kings fan. It could simply be the work of one rogue fan, or a group of fans that pitched in to erect the billboard, like the group that put up the "Kevin Lowe Must Go" billboard in Edmonton

celebrity Kings fan. Los Angeles is a pretty wealthy area. Perhaps this is the work of a celebrity benefactor? OMG MAYBE ALYSSA MILANO DID IT. I should call her and find out. I'll call her. Wait here. I'm just gonna make a call.

Dustin Penner. Penner went on record saying his trade to the Washington Capitals was "cold", so perhaps now that he's forced to sit and watch this series instead of playing in it, he's feeling equally cold? 

Dustin Byfuglien. It's possible he just really wants the world to know about his love for roast duck, and after being told he had a bunch of space left over, he said, "I dunno, 'go Kings go'? I don't really care. Just make sure there's a big, juicy, roast duck on it."