Alex Galchenyuk hits crossbar, Rangers get bounce of Game 4 (GIF)

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Game 4 between the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens on Sunday night was one with its share of odd bounces, whether it was the puck refusing to settle for players like Danny Briere and Marty St. Louis or other freaky happenings caused by the notorious MSG ice.

Perhaps the freakiest: Alex Galchenyuk of the Canadiens late in the third period with the score tied, taking a David Desharnais pass, firing the puck off the crossbar above Henrik Lundqvist and then watching the disc take a mighty friendly bounce for the Rangers.

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The refs saw it all the way, and there was no video review. 

It’s hard to tell here, but Lundqvist actually gets the knob of his stick on that puck. So we’ll go ahead and assume the aforementioned freaky bounce is due to that save.

Because really, in case we needed another reason to hail The King …

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