Mao Asada is now available in hot dog and sushi form

We've already heard juicy tales of "ambush marketing" from these Olympics, but I think the case of Mao Asada is more tasty than those. Literally.

Asada, the Japanese figure skater who is expected to medal at this year's Olympics, is a huge hit among Vancouver area merchants who have created dishes based on the star.

First was the Mao roll, which is the creation of Hitomi Ishikura, a local sushi store manager. According to Ishikura, the skater helped design the roll, insisting that avocado be excluded due to her dislike of the delicious fruit.

More recent is the Mao dog, which is being sold by a Vancouver street vendor. The Mao dog is made from Kobe beef, dipped in tongkatsu sauce, and sprinkled with gold and red tofu maple leaves that allude to Asada's quest to win gold in Canada. It goes for $10 and is sold from Noriki Tamura's Japadog street cart. With only 20 Mao dogs made each day, the treats usually sell out by lunch.

But the most ingenious part of Tamura's meal is the way he cuts the hot dog. Tamura told the Vancouver Sun, "We cut the sausage three times to symbolize her triple axels." Brilliant.

Photos of the food after the jump.

The Mao dog.

The Mao roll.

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