U.S. bobsledder Steven Holcomb calls out Jimmy Fallon after late-night joke

Kevin Kaduk
Fourth-Place Medal
(Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Steven Holcomb on Jimmy Fallon

(Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy Fallon may now have the platform of a big late-night television show, but he might have underestimated the size of the megaphone we give to Olympic medal winners.  

After being one of the targets in Fallon's Olympic awards bit in his "Tonight Show" debut Monday, U.S. bobsledder Steven Holcomb was given the chance to respond to the late night host.

So what did Holcomb, the bronze medal-winning driver who's built like a linebacker, think of being declared "most likely to find an old hot wing in his pocket?"

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Well, he apparently likes that title better than the coward label he placed on Fallon:   

"I actually did offer Jimmy a ride [in the bobsled] at the beginning of the season and he declined," Holcomb told NBC's Dan Patrick on Tuesday. "He said he was scared."

Holcomb, though, declined the opportunity to put Fallon fully on blast. 

"It is what it is, he tried to take a jab at me and that's fine," he said. "It happens. We'll work something out."

Holcomb later had a bit more fun with Fallon on Twitter: 

Hopefully this back and forth gets Holcomb and his great story a spot on Fallon's show when he heads back to the U.S. A former Alpine skier and member of the Army National Guard, Holcomb has battled depression and overcame a calf injury earlier this week to win bronze in the two-man bobsled with partner Steven Langton. The U.S. had not medaled in the event since 1952.

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