Team USA takes to Instagram to document its gold-medal afterparty

We're guessing, at this point, that every member of the gold medal-winning Team USA men's basketball squad has a mobile phone. All, save for Kobe Bryant, run Twitter accounts as well. Most have figured out that Instragram can make all your snapshots seem extra pretty. Or, at the very least, extra sepia-toned.

Or, in the case of this legendary team, extra golden. Yeah, I went there; and so should you after the jump.

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James Harden takes the straight-up approach:

Andre Iguodala's caption: "All I need... Nike airs, gold medal!!"

Kevin Love one-upped Dre by asking every member of the team to autograph his kicks:

Deron Williams decided to adorn the celebratory champagne with a bit of gold:

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