Shock: The Chinese might be cheating again

When the Chinese gymnastics team was announced Friday, there was an international debate over the ages of two members - He Kexin and Jiang YuYuan. It was suggested that the two were under 16, which would make them ineligible for the Games. But The New York Times reports that Chinese officials provided passports which support their claim that Kexin and YuYuan are of the proper age to compete.

Oh! The CHINESE officials provided passports? Well, I guess you can close the book on that one.

He Kexin is a girl, by the way. It took me five minutes to figure that out because The Times article referred to her by her first name, "He", making for sentences like this:

Online records listing Chinese gymnasts and their ages were posted on official Web sites in China, along with ages given in the official Chinese news media, however, seem to contraict the passport information, indicating that He and Jiang may be as young as 14 - two years below the Olympic limit.

I thought the grammar was a little strange but figured The New York Times knew more about pronoun usage than me do.

By the way, He is a gold medal contender in the uneven parallel bars competition, which will be decided on August 18. R. Kelly has already set his DVR.

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