Canadian archer loves the golden arches

Jay Lyon is the everyman's Olympian.

The 22 year-old Canadian has a lot in common with many people all over the world. He's a little chunky and he loves Mickey D's.

"I'm not much of an athlete, I eat a lot of McDonalds," said the 22-year-old on Tuesday. "I'm probably overweight for an athlete."

Aside from being one of Canada's best medal hopes in archery, Lyon also figures to become very popular with the media during his time in Beijing. While discussing how he has had to adjust to climate changes in Beijing, he gave the media this gem:

"I finally pulled my head out of my rear. It took a while to adjust to the heat -- I'm from Canada, it's practically still winter there, people are still ice skating."

If Lyon can win a medal in Beijing, how long do you think it will take Ronald McDonald and company to give him an endorsement deal? Olympian fueled by Big Macs ... it would give fast food junkies all over the world somebody to look up to.

Photo via Reuters

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