Zamboni waterskiing? Former NHLer David Ling pretends to ice-ski during broken glass delay (VIDEO)

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Look up the word “Journeyman” in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of … well, probably of Mike Sillinger, but David Ling might be mentioned in the “see also” heading.

Since being drafted by the Quebec Nordiques (!) in 1993, Ling played for 18 teams in 9 different leagues, including stints with the Montreal Canadiens and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Maybe life on the road has finally gotten to the 38-year-old winger. Or maybe the current member of the EIHL Nottingham Panthers is just a really, really funny dude. Either way, three words: Imaginary Zamboni Waterskiing.

Here's Ling in a game on Sunday, entertaining himself during a broken glass delay in the Panthers' game vs. Braehead Clan. (Watch the first 24 seconds of the clip):

Perhaps the best fake waterskiing we’ve seen since Wayne Gretzky in “Waikiki Hockey.”

“Splash” Ling is what you’d call a “beauty”: a player whose infectious enthusiasm for the game has endeared him to many fan bases. With the Panthers, he’s done it with his fists (113 PIM) and with his stick, scoring 74 points in 46 games.

Frankly, we’re surprised the clip didn’t involve a striptease. Because this was “Slap Shot”-esque.

(We’re also happy it didn’t happen in North America, because he’d no doubt have been chastised by stodgy critics for besmirching the Zamboni or showing up his teammates or some other nonsense.)

s/t Darren Cooper

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