Winnipeg media scrutiny of Evander Kane reaches new levels of absurdity

As you know, Evander Kane is a star forward for the Winnipeg Jets. Sometimes the media uses words like “brash” and “flashy” and “immature” to describe him. He’s also very well spoken.

When we last saw the Winnipeg media slamming Kane’s behavior, it was over a joke photo in which he attempted to call Floyd Mayweather with a stack of money from a Las Vegas balcony, which as you know seriously affects his play on the ice.

But that investigation has the importance of the Warren Commission in comparison to the latest flap for Kane, in which he was called out by the Winnipeg Sun for not reporting to Jets camp … three days before Jets camp is scheduled to begin.

From the Sun:

Where’s Evander? It’s a question on the tip of a few tongues around Winnipeg this week. All but four members of the Jets have returned to Winnipeg to skate informally with their teammates, but Evander Kane isn’t one of them.

Considering he’s only a three-hour flight away in Vancouver, some are wondering why he still wasn’t on the ice in Winnipeg on Thursday, although it’s believed he will be there on Friday. Captain Andrew Ladd used Twitter earlier this week to poke some fun at his teammate, asking where he was.

The comments on the story will shake your faith in humanity.

Just another chapter in the odd relationship between Evander Kane and the Winnipeg press. Which is of course great news for 29 other teams, eventually …