Whole lotta love for Penguins goalie Brent Johnson’s Led Zeppelin-inspired mask

Puck Daddy

Mask art can be a window into a goaltender's soul. That established, Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Brent Johnson's soul is a funny-smelling van from the 1970s that shakes every time Robert Plant yelps.

The brilliant David Arrigo has designed yet another Led Zeppelin-inspired mask for Johnson, the sixth one he'll have worn in the NHL. Two more and he can wear a different mask for every minute of "Stairway."

Here are The Zoso Mask; The Physical Graffiti Mask; The Zeppelin Mask; The Winter Classic Mask; The Collage; and the reverse angle on this mask.

From Arrigo, who released the mask as part of #MaskWeek.

Led Zeppelin themes have been staple of Johnny's masks ever since our first collaboration.  The latest mask contains imagery inspired by a Led Zeppelin concert T-shirt.  I blended this imagery into an integrated unit, then overlayed the dark and powder blue colours from the Pittsburgh Penguins' third jerseys.  The cage, Penguins logo and Zeppelin 'Four Symbols' use the accent colour also found on the Pens jerseys.

Great stuff. Hopefully it keeps Johnson from playing so Dazed and Confused lately. Maybe he's just having a Communication Breakdown.

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