Sharks fans bring their own ‘snow’ to Stadium Series game

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Levi’s Stadium will have ice on Saturday night. But San Jose Sharks fans decided to provide their own snow.

“How can you not have snow at an outdoor hockey game?” asked Eddie Bump.

A Sharks fan tailgating with a dozen friends, Bump set up a snow machine in the stadium parking lot, flooding the air with faux snow – suds, which were caught in the Santa Clara winds and sent flying over to other parties.

Bump said his friend is a professional DJ, and he saw the snow machine being used at one of his gigs. He asked if the Sharks fans could borrow it for their tailgate, and a deal was struck.

“I helped him fix his TV, and he let me borrow a snow machine,” Bump said.

The tailgating before the Stadium Series game between the Sharks and the visiting Los Angeles Kings was epic and entertaining, especially for San Jose fans, who aren’t allowed to tailgate at games at SAP Arena.

Luckily, the NHL decided to hold one of their home games in a football stadium, which meant open grills, open containers of adult beverages … and, of course, “snow.”