Scott Hartnell congratulates ex-wife on end of his divorce payments, via Twitter

A few years ago, Scott Hartnell of the Philadelphia Flyers went through a bitter divorce from ex-wife Lisa Renneke, and that’s putting it mildly. Please recall the sordid rumors about affairs with teammates and the public admission from Hartnell that marital problems were tormenting his personal life.

As he told Philadelphia SportsWeek in 2012:

"It was pretty tough," he says now. "Somebody you love absolutely turns the switch and calls you every bad name under the sun. Calls your family things, too. And making the money I do, I lost a lot of money in the mix as well. People can blame me, whatever. But it was a really tough year."

On Monday, Hartnell tweeted a message that included Renneke’s Twitter handle (@lisarenkeykey) that referenced that money. And, it appears, the end of it flowing her way:

Now, keep in mind it’s April 1. While there’s nothing inherently April Foolish about this, it’s also a day on which Claude Giroux chirped Hartnell that he’d been traded to the St. Louis Blues (since deleted). So grain of salt, all of that.

In any event, the social media fun wasn’t contained to current Flyers, as Mike Richards of the Los Angeles Kings chimed in with some life advice for the “powerball winner”:

Wow, two Flyers tag-teaming someone. What are the odds? (OK, one's an ex-Flyer.)

More here from Crossing Broad. This would be the greatest moment in Scott Hartnell Divorce Twitter History, were it not for that message to the Pittsburgh Penguins fan who taunted him that Hartnell sent last season. Now that was funny.