Relive Ducks' win through Tweets of Gordon Bombay a.k.a. Emilio Estevez

The Mighty Ducks.

By now, we’ve all come to realize the true hero of last night’s Anaheim Ducks overtime win – Emilio Estevez.

Prior to Game 5 puck drop, the original (Mighty) Ducks coach, Gordon Bombay (aka Emilio Estevez), took to Twitter to lend inspiration to the team he birthed from his movie loins.

Naturally, the hockey blogosphere went nuts. What an endorsement in a destined series:

Even though the matchup was fated in The Mighty Ducks, Game 5 felt much more like D2: The Mighty Ducks for everyone, including Bombay.

The boost in confidence was immediately evident in the Ducks. In the first five minutes of the game, they scored 2 goals just 32-seconds apart against the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago? More like Trinidad and Tobago.

Needless to say, Bombay was thrilled with the result. He continued to unite the team and the fanbase with a classic chant usually saved for intermission inspirational speeches.

Scott Niedermayer acts as the Ducks eye in the sky during the game and feeds information to the bench. Obviously he’s relaying the tweets to the coaches. Anaheim stopped short of donning their original white Mighty Ducks jersey, as the kids did in D2 when the ‘Ducks fly together’ speech was given.

Instead, brimming with confidence, the Ducks scored a third goal of the period. By the end of the first, it was 3-0.

Bombay must’ve been thinking back to his Team USA days when he sent out the next tweet.

Perhaps a second run at the Air Bombay loafer (for kids who want to coach) is in order?

The second period was one right out of D2. Instead of facing Trinidad and Tobago, the Ducks were up against Team Iceland.

Chicago dominated the period, scoring 2 goals to bring them within one of Anaheim. Out came Captain Blood at intermission:

The tension was felt through out the third. The Ducks were being manhandled by the Blackhawks. Although he didn’t Tweet it, Bombay was probably thinking, “This isn’t a hockey game. It’s a circus.

That is until Patrick Maroon put the Ducks back up by two goals. Bombay tried desperately to reunite the stressed with a cheer they know all too well.

Then Jonathan Toews happened. (He’s less Gunnar Stahl and more Adam Banks, but that doesn’t work for this narrative!) Goalie Frederik Andersen, who’d been Julie “The Cat” Gaffney all series, suddenly became GOLDBERG(!) in Game 5. He allowed a stinker earlier on and then 2 quick goals by Toews to tie up the game.

Averman must’ve taken over Bombay’s account before he was caught by the coach. “Cray cray” is NOT something Gordon Bombay would ever say; even pre-DUI Bombay wouldn’t say that.

Coaching from his Twitter account, Bombay gave Bruce Boudreau a tip that’s worked for him in the past: use the Flying V. OF COURSE. It’s a simple play that only Ducks can do. (Looking at you, Ryan Johansen).

Matt Beleskey scored so quickly in overtime, Boudreau didn’t have time to implement the sure-fire play.

Classic Bombay.

Not even the talented screenwriters from the Mighty Ducks trilogy could’ve summed it up better.

(And really, who doesn’t love hearing Kings play-by-play announcer Bob Miller emphatically saying ‘DUCKS WIN’ over and over as he did in the movies?)

It was a great night for the Ducks. Who knows if would’ve even happened if it wasn’t for Estevez?

Now if the organization could only get him and some of his team in Honda Center for a playoff game…

/brain explodes

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Jen Neale is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports, and historian of the Mighty Ducks, both real and movie based. Have a tip? Email her at or follow her on Twitter!