Puck Headlines: No suspension for Marchand; Eco-friendly Ference; McPhee sides with Kolzig

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Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Via @LadyByngsLoveChild comes the most hideous/excellent hockey jersey in existence. According to the writeup: "Produced by SFC, we were told it was a prototype for the Louisiana Ice Gators around 05-06. Not certain though and there is no indication of Louisiana on the jersey." Either way, it's awesome. If the scripts for David E. Kelley's Lake Placid and David E. Kelley's Mystery, Alaska met and had a baby, this is the jersey the team would wear. [eBay]

• George McPhee backs up Olaf Kolzig's assertion that Alev Ovechkin's effort level occasionally lags: "I don't disagree with anything that Olie said," McPhee said. "What we have to understand is Olie had one of the highest work ethics of any player we've ever seen. It's hard for anybody to match his level and he holds everybody to that standard. But you look at a player like Ovechkin, he wouldn't be who he is if he didn't work hard." [Washington Post]

• Speaking of Ovechkin, this photo (right) is the best. It's a photoshop of this, but it's still the best. [Reddit Hockey]

• Brad Marchand will not be suspended for his clip on Alexei Emelin. Brendan Shanahan, on Twitter: "Like all penalties on the ice, not all "clips" rise to the level of supplemental discipline. This check by Marchand was delivered to the upper thigh/hip and not the knee area. We don't like it, but not SD." [Shanahan]

• In case it wasn't clear that Andrew Ference and Tim Thomas are very, very different people: Ference will be featured in a 10-episode web series for National Geographic called "Beyond the Puck" about his environmental activism and eco-friendly way of life. [National Geographic]

• The New Kids and the Backstreet Boys aren't the only ones making a comeback: Bourne says the Dead Puck Era is lurking. [Backhand Shelf]

• Pension Plan Puppets takes issue with this. [PPP]

• Should the Nashville Predators target Kubina? [On the Forecheck]

• Theory: Rick Nash isn't on the block, but since offers for Jeff Carter weren't pouring in quite like he'd hoped, Scott Howson generated a reason to call him. It's a sneaky sales trap, like in Glengarry Glen Ross! I hope this is true, right down to the scene where a callow GM's owner makes him go to Howson's office the next morning and try to give Carter back before the deal goes through. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]

• Speaking of Nash, love this: "Management asked Nash if they could shop him and, of course, he said yes. There is no other answer to such a question. When your unstable partner asks to play the field, you pull your suitcase out of the closet." [Blue Jackets Xtra]

• Don Levin, the owner of the AHL's Chicago Wolves, would be "very happy" to get involved with an NHL franchise in Seattle. [The Globe & Mail]

• Here is why the New York Islanders are decidedly less terrible. [STL Today]

• More on high school player Alex Mason, whose incredible breakaway goal has gotten a lot of attention. [West Central Tribune]

• Sure, Jeremy Lin is stealing all the spotlight in New York while the Rangers are quietly running away with the Presidents' Trophy, but... Linqvist? No. Just no. [Deadspin]

• Joey MacDonald chats about his surprising role in the Detroit Red Wings' record home winning streak. [Sports Radio Interviews]

• Patrick Eaves on his concussion-related headaches: "I have one pretty much all of the time." Yikes. [PHT]

• Henrik Zetterberg has a lower-body injury. [NHL]

• Did you know a lot of people use Twitter for their hockey news? No really, they do. [Leader-Post]

• The video I really wanted here isn't working, so instead, here's Adam McQuaid and Ryan White fighting from last night. Yay!

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