Pass or Fail: Czech Republic’s Olympic jerseys deserve a flagging

Greg Wyshynski

Thus far, the Olympic hockey jerseys created by Nike have been … well, “bold” is accurate and probably the kindest thing one can say about a collection that’s awash in fake laces and Nazi evocation.

The latest revelation is the Czech Republic’s jerseys for the 2014 Sochi Games, and they are … bold.

Image via @bartic63.

The one on the left isn’t bad; at the very least, the blocky shoulder pads that marred the Team Russia sweaters are transformed into something FIFA-esque with the striping.

The one on the right … whoa. There’s a difference between playing for one’s national flag and playing as one’s national flag.

Maybe you think this audacity is an improvement over what the Czechs wore in Vancouver, and that’s fine. All we see is the hockey equivalent of Will Ferrell’s patriotic garb.

Although we do appreciate the jersey providing the exactly location where Ovechkin should aim when obliterating Jagr with another open-ice Czech, er, check.

What say you, fans?

Pass or Fail: Czech Republic’s spiffy new Olympic jerseys.