NJ Devils new goal song totally not a rip-off of Rangers or Gary Glitter

Fun fact: The New Jersey Devils were one of the first professional sports teams to use Gary Glitter’s glam rock anthem “Rock and Roll Part II” as a goal song, with fans chanting along to its simple and iconic “HEY!” refrain.

Even when Glitter was convicted of child sex abuse, the team kept the song. It was only when new ownership wanted to end the fans’ vulgar chants during the song, i.e. “HEY! YOU SUCK!”, that it was deleted from the playlist.

The Devils went with a Bon Jovi song last season; that tanked. Now they have a new song called “Devils Rule!” that sounds … well, a little like the Rangers’ goal song:

And a little like the Gary Glitter song:

The cool thing about the new song is that the fans contributed the “Let’s Go Devils!” at the end.

The not-so-cool thing is that it’s not “Rock And Roll Part II," which is part of the franchise's traditions and remains a gold standard goal song despite its authorship. (Hey, I'll watch "Annie Hall" too.)

The real question: How will Devils fans shoehorn the word “Suck!” into this song?