NBC News apologizes for Kings-sized Los Angeles/Sacramento logo screw-up (VIDEO)

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The buzz around the Los Angeles Kings' push for the Stanley Cup is growing considerably around LA, as a franchise that plays little brother to the NBA and MLB closes in on its first championship. But earlier this week, Kings fans were reminded how far they still have to go courtesy of NBC4 News, which chatting up the playoff races for the Clippers, Lakers and Kings … and used a Sacramento Kings logo instead of one from the LA Kings.

The Kings and their fans received their apology from the station on Tuesday night:

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Kudos to Chuck Henry and the NBC4 team for owning up to their mistake, inexcusable as it was.

Alas, later in the broadcast, they still appeared to have some Kings logo trouble …

Well, it's "Kings" and it's "hockey," so we're getting warmer. But the only wheat you'll find with the LA Kings is if Richards and Carter decide on Hefeweizen for the evening.

Oh, now, that's not even ... just because they had that third jersey doesn't mean ...

The hell? He's not even a king yet here! The circle of life had yet to be completed!

Not going to lie: Suspenders on hockey jerseys would be a pretty killer look.

s/t PD Reader Jon Ward.

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