Mike Milbury vs. Jeremy Roenick over Dustin Brown’s Game 5 OT hit on Michal Rozsival (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Kings are skating to the Stanley Cup Final, but the story after Game 5 of the Western Conference Final was the hit Dustin Brown put on Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Michal Rozsival right after an offside whistle — on the shift preceding Dustin Penner's series-winning goal in overtime.

Was it a penalty? Should it be a suspension? NBC Sports Network's Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick saw this one in slightly different ways.

To summarize: Milbury felt the hit by Brown, a player with a reputation for playing "on the edge," was well after the whistle and should have been avoided. Roenick felt it was humanly impossible to avoid the hit at that velocity, and that it was a clean hit.

Said Brown after the game: "He's trying to get away of the way, and I'm trying to finish my check. I didn't stick my knee out."

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