John Tortorella talks about media ‘idiots’ and their ‘tweeters’ with Bob Costas (VIDEO)

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Coach John Tortorella has been more candid about his press conferences after the New York Rangers were eliminated than he's ever been in a press conference itself. Part of this is due to the mainstream sports media's fascination with it: On WFAN last week, Mike Francesa asked about the press conferences, and Tortorella explained that he's done some "stupid things" during them. He also said media critics of the Rangers' style are "idiots."

Tortorella expanded on that with Bob Costas on NBCSN's "Costas Tonight" on Monday, talking about the pressers, the hockey media and the method to his madness. Here's a clip:

Said Torts:

"There's a long line of people coming after me because of this stuff. I'm not saying I did it the right way. I'm not looking to disrespect people, but I also have a tough time answering questions that really they have the answer to. It's to fill their blogs, to fill their 'tweeters' or whatever you wanna call that stuff, the Twitter accounts. I'm not too interested in the social media. I'm wrapped up in the hockey club at that time. That's my only focus."

On the "idiots" front:

"I don't take anything back. There are a couple of reporters there that I do think are idiots. There has to be an accountability there from the reporters also, as far as how they present themselves and go about their business. It's easy to say 'I'm sorry' [but] I'm not sorry for most of the things I've said."

Wonder who he's talking about?

Hearing this, do you cut Tortorella a break that he's just not emotionally cut out for this stuff? Or do you wonder how 29 other coaches in the NHL avoid these blowups, while Tortorella has become infamous for them?

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