Hockey player handcuffed on ice after spitting in ref's face (Video)

Greg Wyshynski

Olivier Marcotte was a player for the Junior AA Hockey-Experts in Sherbrooke, Que. At 21 years old, this was his last season in the league due to age restrictions. 

Needless to say, he left an impression in his final contest. By leaving a giant loogie on a referee’s face. And then ending up in handcuffs because of it. 

According to Journal de Montreal, Marcotte was arrested on the ice by police after an incident in the third period of their game against Petroleum A. A. Courchesne Nicolet at the Pierre Provencher arena.

Marcotte allegedly got into an argument with the referee, and then spit in his face. According to the Nicolet coach, it appeared Marcotte might then fight the official. Police were already on-site at the arena. They came onto the ice, detained Marcotte and handcuffed him before leading him off.

According to CBC, SQ Sgt. Annie Thibodeau said “no complaint has been laid against the player and there will be no further action from the police unless one is filed.”

Well that was quite a sight. We can’t imagine Marcotte feels good about this. Seriously, tackled by police and handcuffed on the ice for spitting at a ref?

Hockey players have a finite number of opportunities in life to get tackled by police and handcuffed on the ice, and you waste yours with “I launched my saliva on an official?” For shame.

That said, Ovechkin would be proud.


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