Dwight Howard, Lakers meet the Stanley Cup; Metta World Peace eats almonds out of it (PHOTOS)

LA Kings on Who Say

This is comedian JB Smoove Dwight Howard, moments after someone told him the Los Angeles Lakers had gifted him this pimp cup in honor of his first game with the franchise on Sunday. Alas, the Stanley Cup actually belongs to Staples Center mates the Los Angeles Kings, who brought the Chalice by the Lakers' locker room.

Howard had an immediate kinship with the Cup, seeing as they both inexplicably landed in Los Angeles after flirting heavily with the New York area, and have both been in Justin Bieber's delicate hands.

Here's Howard, wondering how the Carolina Hurricanes ended up on the Cup, much like we all have at one point or another:

The Lakers had different reactions to hockey's Holy Grail. Reserve center Robert Sacre's eyes "immediately lit up" when he saw it because he's Canadian. Beto Duran of ESPN Radio in LA reports that "Kobe glanced at Stanley Cup. Steve Nash didn't stop because he has previous pics with the trophy."

Then there's Metta World Peace, who also inspected it ... and in the process became the second-most ridiculous name to ever touch the Stanley Cup, right behind Håkan Loob.

Here's video of Metta eating almonds out of the Stanley Cup. Seriously:

Alas, by touching the Cup, the former Ron Artest is jinxed from ever winning one in the NHL. Also, he's now eligible for disciplinary action from Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety, should the need arise.

So there you go: The Stanley Cup in the hands of an NBA team.

#EndTheLockout …

Second Howard photo via Serena Winters of Lakers Nation; Metta World Peace photo by Arash Markazi.