Drunk Zamboni driver pleads guilty to DWI, gets 2 years probation in Minnesota

Please recall the adventures of Joel Bruss, a 34-year-old who drove the Zamboni at the Hayes Park Arena in Apple Valley, Minn. In January, a 10-minute resurfacing of the ice turned into nearly 30 minutes of missed patches and the machine plowing into the boards.

His moments of infamy were captured on video by a 12-year-old Pee Wee player. If this were smell-o-vision, you could detect the unmistakable odor of booze:

Bruss was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving — he had been convicted three times on non-Zamboni related drunk driving charges — with a blood alcohol level of 0.32, which was four times the legal limit. An officer approached him while Bruss was on the Zamboni, from which he struggled to climb down. He failed some sobriety tests and smelled of alcohol.

The ordeal came to an end on Thursday, according to CBS Minnesota:

Joel Keith Bruss, 34, pleaded guilty to one gross misdemeanor DWI charge. Three other DWI charges were dismissed.

Bruss was sentenced to serve two years of probation, during which he may not abuse or possess alcohol and/or drugs, must complete a DWI program, and complete a chemical dependency evaluation, among other things.

Aw, man, they just left us hanging with "among other things." We'll just assume they meant "resurface the ice with his tongue."

s/t reader Eric Wisti