Our dream owners for the revitalization of the Phoenix Coyotes

When Darren Dreger of TSN reported that the Phoenix Coyotes had caught the eye of some potential investors, one could have believed it was yet another rumor coming from Canada about an American team moving north, thereby bringing us closer to the prophecy of an all-Canadian National Hockey League.

Then yesterday, Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes confirmed the earlier reports that the team was in discussions with interested parties but will hold off on commenting any further until the proceedings have ended.

These "potential investors" got us thinking as to who might be involved in helping to save the Coyotes franchise; whether it's keeping them in Phoenix or moving them to any of the number of cities in North America that would welcome a hockey team with open arms.

Here's the Puck Daddy list of five potential Coyotes owners who may be involved in the investing process. Or not.

Jim Balsillie: Like a Marty Brodeur fat joke around these parts, Jimmy Bals is the running gag when it comes to NHL ownership these days. No matter what team is possibly looking for new ownership or rumored to be in financial distress, Balsillie's name will be linked until he either winds up in jail or finally gets to sign an NHL players' paycheck.

Ted DiBiase: Hopefully the "Million Dollar Man" pulled his money out of the stock market before this current economic crisis. DiBiase and his consortium, "Money, Inc.", would have enough dough to throw around and save the Coyotes from their current debt. If current owner Jerry Moyes wanted to play hardball in negotiations, DiBiase could use his charm and influence to make him rethink his stance because, as we all know, every man has a price.

Janet Gretzky: Maybe she had the Tampa Bay Rays winning the American League East pennant back in March or cashed in on Rick Tocchet's March Madness bracket? Or maybe she has an underlying plot to purchase the team and wish it no-good so as to move the former Jets back to Canada, a la Rachel Phelps from "Major League"? If the latter is the case, then let's all welcome Dan Cloutier back to the NHL with open arms, okay?

Tommy Flanagan a.k.a "The Liar": "I have several financiers with me, including Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and...and, real estate tycoon Donald Trump! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

Oren Koules and Len Barrie: I know what you're saying, "But they already own the Tampa Bay Lighting!" True, but like the aliens in "Independence Day," Koules and Barrie could be on a team to team path of destruction tour, using up all of the Coyotes' resources and then moving on to the next troubled franchise. (Watch your back Nashville). With the amount of turnover that went down last summer in Tampa, who needs a dispersal draft coming out of Phoenix?

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