David Beckham lifts Stanley Cup as Kings goalie Jonathan Quick defends his hockey cred

Upon seeing international soccer star David Beckham hoisting the Stanley Cup during a Los Angeles Kings celebration at the LA LIVE Ritz-Carlton this week, the word "blasphemy" was tossed around by more than one reader.

After all, it's one thing to see friends and family and random club employees raise or guzzle from the Holy Grail; it's another thing to see the much decried celebrity fan do the same.

Frankly, our biggest concerns are for his sons Brooklyn and Romeo, as their father's touching of the Cup may in fact cosmically harm their chances of ever winning one. They'll have to settle for a consolation prize: The conveyor belt of able-bodied women coming their way for the rest of their lives as the spawn of David Beckham.

But LA Kings goalie and Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick thinks that David Beckham is one of the team's most dedicated fans, and not the famous band-waggoner that, say, Zac Efron is.

Here's Quick — sweet, sweet slightly inebriated Quick — on Becks:

Said Quick:

"I got to meet David Beckham last night at a dinner and you know what, though, it was so cool to meet him. Not only because he's a big, big fan but … he's not a fan that's like, 'Aw, yeah, the Kings are winning.' I remember seeing him … we got absolutely [expletive]-stomped 8-2 by Detroit four years ago, and I remember seeing him there with his kids. So being able to meet him was pretty cool because you appreciate somebody like that. Especially a guy like him, and what he's done for LA. And his support for, at least since I've been here, every year."

YEAH! WHAT HE TRIED TO SAY! Take that Becks bashers.