Cuba Gooding, Jr. goes topless in Chicago after intermission goal (Video)

(Please Note: This is not a deleted scene from "Boat Trip.")

When we last left Cuba Gooding, Jr., he was lit like a Christmas tree at the NHL Awards, hitting on Andrew Ference’s wife and making a “reverse Oreo” joke and telling Mark Messier to get his hands off of Cuba’s posterior. Twice.

On Tuesday, the Oscar-winning star of “Snow Dogs” and rambling train wreck pulled into United Center in Chicago to participate in the intermission “Shoot The Puck” competition during a Chicago Blackhawks exhibition game.

He shot. He scored. He … stripped.

And he didn’t even need a Michael Jackson wind machine for the open shirt.

Cuba’s performance comes at time when stripping and the Chicago Blackhawks’ “Shoot The Puck” aren’t exactly hand-in-glove. The team banned use of the song “The Stripper” this season after an Internet movement called for the team to stop playing whenever a woman fan took part in the intermission event.

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We can only assume this was a cunning attempt by Gooding, Jr. to offer a subversive commentary on gender politics and their place in arena entertainment.

Or he was sauced like a Lou Malnati’s pie. One of the two.

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