Colorado movie theater shooting claims life of aspiring hockey journalist Jessica Redfield

We all woke up Friday morning to news of the tragedy in Colorado. As moviegoers were watching the midnight opening of "The Dark Knight Rises," a gunman opened fire killing 12 people and injuring at least 50 others.

From Y!'s The Lookout news blog:

"He came in and he threw in the gas can and then I knew it was real," [moviegoer Jennifer] Seeger told NBC News. "Then he shot the ceiling. Right after he shot the ceiling he pointed the gun right at me. At that point I drove into the aisle and I got lucky because he didn't shoot me.

"Then he started to shoot people behind me and the bullets were falling on my head. It was burning my head it was so fresh. I could smell gunpowder. At that point he went up the stairs.

"He started at the very corner of the screen. And then he worked his way all the way through the back and back down. Like all the way to the top of the stairs and back down."

One of those shots killed was Jessica Ghawi, a well-known Denver-area hockey blogger, also known as Jessica Redfield on Twitter. She had moved to Denver from San Antonio a year ago, according to KSAT. She was also an intern for the You Can Play Project. "Our staff is despondent today over the loss of our intern Jessica Redfield. We will miss her intelligence, kindness, and work ethic greatly," was the message from the organization's Twitter feed Friday morning.

Just last month, on her blog, Redfield described the scene at the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto after a gunman began shooting in the food court.

I can't get this odd feeling out of my chest. This empty, almost sickening feeling won't go away. I noticed this feeling when I was in the Eaton Center in Toronto just seconds before someone opened fire in the food court. An odd feeling which led me to go outside and unknowingly out of harm's way. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around how a weird feeling saved me from being in the middle of a deadly shooting.

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