Chicago Symphony Orchestra salutes Blackhawks with ‘Chelsea Dagger’ performance (Video)

Photo by Brian Kersey.

Before the Stanley Cup Final began, we gave the Chicago Blackhawks the edge in the goal song department because, well, let's be honest: "Chelsea Dagger" is a nearly perfect choice. Why, even Roberto Luongo thinks so. He even wants to hear it during maybe goals:

It's easy to see why it works so well. The Fratellis tune is bouncy, fun and catchy enough to get the hometown crowd jacked up, and yet still plenty annoying enough to troll the crap out of the visitors.

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Plus, as it turns out, it lends itself incredibly well to the symphony treatment, as demonstrated here by the renowed Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The CSO broke out the Blackhawks' goal song during a rehearsal on Wednesday, led by eminent music director Riccardo Muti, who sported a personalized Chicago Blackhawks sweater during the performance.

(We will ignore, for the moment, the fact that 19 is the number worn by one Jonathan Toews.)

Between this, and all those uncouth Boston women scandalizing poor Chicago Tribune columnists with their one-finger salutes, I think it's clear which club is winning the class battle in this Final.


Your move, Boston. We eagerly await the Boston Pops' rendition of "Zombie Nation".

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