Blackhawks fan cut by glass stays in her seat to watch game (Video)

Chicago Blackhawks fan Alexis Bovard was attending her first NHL game on Friday night, and had pretty sweet seats – right by the glass.

But here’s the thing about the glass: Sometimes it’ll get dislodged on a big hit. Like the one Benoit Pouliot of the Edmonton Oilers laid on Niklas Hjalmarsson of the Hawks early in the first period. The glass fell out onto a cameraman, and then changed direction and toppled onto Bovard’s head.

She grabbed her noggin in pain, and she was bleeding.

“If I even remember correctly, I was watching the game and you know the big hits come to the glass and the next thing I know the glass is on my head and blood is everywhere and people are all around me and I make it up the stairs and hear all these applause, um, which was nice to hear,” Bovard told Sportsnet’s Gene Principe during the game. “I’ll be making my way to get some stitches shortly. I was bummed it happened so early.”

But for th time being, she stayed and watched the game.

Here’s her chat with Sportsnet:

She said she knew she was in trouble when she saw blood on other people’s hands and assumed it was hers.

“I was hoping my brain wasn’t everywhere,” she said.