Behold the tropical horror of ECHL Alaska Aces Hawaiian Night jerseys (Photo)

Alaska and Hawaii are forever linked as the two states added to the U.S. within an eight-month period in the 1950s. But other than that, what do they really have in common? Weather? No. Geography? No. The Pro Bowl? No. Shoot, one has pipelines that look like this and the other has pipelines that look like this.

But every season, the ECHL’s Alaska Aces attempt to build a kinship with their ocean-bound neighbors to the south and west on “Hawaii Night”, when players don jerseys inspired by The Aloha State. And this year’s jerseys are … what’s Hawaiian for “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?”

Jimmy Buffett called, and he’d like his bed linens back.

Seriously, every player should be required to have a bad tan and a thicket of chest hair poking out from the top button, in true Hawaiian tourist style ...

The good news is that if you suffer through seeing these monstrosities on the ice against the Ontario Reign on Saturday night, you have a chance at winning plane tickets to Hawaii.

It’s the same gimmick they’ve run in previous Hawaii Nights, which have actually shown you can make a sweet lookin’ hockey sweater with an Islands theme. Witness 2012-13:

And in 2011-12:

Pretty great, right?

Then again, when creating a Hawaiian shirt, the louder the better. So, to that end, the Alaska Aces have succeeded. Congrats, or something.

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