Barry Brust is the world’s most entertaining goalie

Barry Brust is a goalie for Medvescak of the KHL. He had a cup of coffee with the Los Angeles Kings, and played in the Minnesota Wild and Ottawa Senators systems. He broke a 55-year-old shutout streak record in the AHL. He kinda looks like your buddy’s older brother, the one who’s always working on his car and has a King Diamond poster on his door.

He also makes saves like the one above against Slovan on Tuesday, which the KHL labeled a “unbelievable Hasek-style save,” which seems a little hyperbolic, but it was a sweet save.

But plenty of goalies can make Hasek-ian saves. Few can make them while at the same time making totally inept Marc-Andre Fleury-style pucks-handling flubs, as he does in the following clip. Watch Barry Brust recover for a save after his goof:

As you might have noticed toward the end of that clip, Brust also can also be a little dastardly, diving to chop out an opponents legs with his stick to prevent a scoring chance.

Like here, when he head-butted Denis Kazionova of Torpedo earlier this season, and then flopped like he had been hit in the face with a Taser after he took a glove to the face.

He was given 35 penalty minutes and ejected from the game.

Barry Brust is the most entertaining goalie in the world. Non-Bryzgalov division.