The 50 worst own-goals in hockey: Puck Daddy counts down Nos. 40-31

Welcome back to Puck Daddy's countdown of the worst own-goals in hockey. Today, as with yesterday (and also the next three tomorrows): a bunch of dudes putting the puck into their own net.

But part 2 of this series offers more than just 10 opportunities to laugh at the errors of others. It's also an educational adventure, like the magic school bus! You'll learn the danger of skating lazily through the neutral zone when the puck is drifting towards your empty net. You'll learn the Finnish term for own goal.

And finally, you'll learn what sort of pants were fashionable among Swedes in the 1980s.

Let's begin.

40 | Matt Siddall, University of Northern Michigan

This might be the most common way to score an own goal: pull the goalie, make a sloppy pass to the point that somehow escapes everybody and slides into the unattended net. But there are two things setting this clip apart. First, the goalie's name is Zanaboni. Does the puck travel so far because he swept the ice on his way off? Second, this goal probably could have been prevented if Darin Olver didn't decide to skate his long program on his way through the neutral zone.

39 | Marc-Edouard Vlasic, San Jose Sharks

Here's the thing: obviously, Vlasic isn't trying to put it in the net, although it really looks like the most casual tap-in you're going to see. It's a wonder he doesn't scoop down, pick up the puck, then wave to the gallery. But even if he was trying to backhand the puck to the corner, what the heck was he doing? There's a St. Louis player right there. Pretty good chance his own goal is an own assist even if he gets it through the crease.

38 | Ilya Kovalchuk, New Jersey Devils

Ilya Kovalchuk gives us another botched-pass-into-empty net special, burning his point feed past a diving Adam Henrique, but this goal is made extra special because the last Carolina Hurricane to touch the puck was goaltender Cam Ward, and thus, this is his goal. But when he tells this story to his kids, it was a top-shelf slapper. "But dad, you were a goalie!" "That's right, kids. A goalie with a 200-foot cannon. Even Martin Brodeur couldn't stop it, and he was the best goalie ever."

37 | Teemu Normio, Oulun Kärpät

"Oma maali" means "own goal" in Finnish, and here's Teemu Normio with a classic own goal. I think this breakout play is supposed to work like this: the guy behind the net outlets it to Normio, then Normio makes a drop-pass back to him as he gathers speed coming out of the zone. Unfortunately, it works like this: the guy behind the net outlets it to Normio, who instantly reminds him TEEMU NORMIO IS HIS OWN MAN.

36 | Marek Malik, Genève-Servette HC

Marek Malik is best-known for a legendary between-the-legs move he once made in a shootout back when he was still playing in North America. He's fortunate in this regard. Had he made that between-the-legs move in the Swiss League and this between-the-legs move in North America, his legacy would be very different.

35 | Simo Saarinen, Team Finland

You'd be forgiven for thinking this 1988 clip features a defenceman coming out of his own zone with the net empty and turning it over to a forechecker, especially the nifty way Simo Saarinen stickhandles around the Swedish player and deposits the puck in the goal. Unfortunately, Saarinen stickhandles right into his oma maali. This clip gets extra bonuses for the Swedish fan in those awful, awful blue pants. Those pants might be a bigger mistake than this goal.

34 | Erik Karlsson, Ottawa Senators

Speaking of mistake-making Swedes, Erik Karlsson lands on our list with his Marek Malik impression. Frankly, I think he screws up when he tries to make this pass through a forechecker and Ben Bishop. But I know he screws up when he pinballs it into his own goal off Bishop's feet. That's totally not what you're supposed to do at all.

33 | Mats Trygg, HV71

Our newest entry on this list comes from just this past weekend, as stay-at-home defender Mats Trygg leaves himself wishing he'd stay at home. It's a simple enough play, really. Trygg gets the puck off a defensive-zone faceoff. Ideally, he just fires it around the boards. Instead, he steps into a bouncing puck and beats his goaltender off the far post. Hell of a shot. Maybe HV71 should try him on the powerplay. Couldn't hurt, especially since he'll start 200 feet from his own goal.

32 | Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins

Fleury initially makes the save on the Henrik Zetterberg shot, but the puck trickles out and comes to a stop behind him. And then, either because he gets bumped or because he doesn't know where the puck is, he falls backwards, pushing it into his own net. It happens, but normally when it happens, it isn't the Stanley Cup-winning goal.

31 | Ryan Gardner, SC Bern

The very instant Ryan Gardner gets this puck, it's clear he shouldn't have it. He nearly bobbles the pass reception. He nearly loses it along the wall. Then, he overskates it. Eventually, realizing that nothing good can come from him having the puck, he opts to pass it back to his goaltender before it's too late. Be sure to note the moment when he realizes it's already too late.


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