Jabar Gaffney launches into profane Twitter tirade against ‘soon 2 be’ ex-wife

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

On the bright side, at least Jabar Gaffney didn't use Twitter to tell an opposing fan to kill himself like he did last season after a Washington Redskins loss.

Instead, the wide receiver used the messaging site to make cryptic, profane remarks about his wife, former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard and anyone in a three-area code radius who insulted him during his hour-long diatribe. Even for the Internet, it's pretty shocking.

Timeline goes from the bottom up. My favorite part is his calm, off-topic response to @Yoshi_21 at the start of the rant:

B****** and homeboys? Will you spare no one, Jabar?

Part of me wants to try and interpret what all of this means. The other part thinks it's better if everyone comes to their own conclusion, like the end of "The Sopranos," only with more expletives and a plethora of online abbreviations.

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