This week’s fashion report: Shiny is not always good

Every week teams introduce new uniforms like it's a fashion show, so here's our fashion show critique for the week.

The Good

Oklahoma State has started using Pistol Pete on its helmets, which we like. And we like the black matte helmet look. Combine the two, and it's a big hit.

The Cowboys could embrace the revolving uniform trend and go all Oregon on us. T. Boone Pickens has that Phil Knight/Nike type of money. Make it happen, Oklahoma State.

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The Bad

Speaking of Oregon ...

Look, we really do like Oregon's style. It is marketing genius. Oregon is unique and it's a major recruiting draw to have different looks every week. But at some point, do these uniforms even resemble anything having to do with Oregon? Are there any team colors involved anymore? At this point the Ducks look more like the NFL's Raiders than Oregon.

And there's also the issue that Oregon's uniforms are starting to look kind of the same every week. Maybe there's a little different color or design here or there, but perhaps we've become desensitized to the Ducks' rotating uniforms. Then again, here we are talking about Oregon again, so it has done its job.

The Ugly

There isn't much we can say about North Carolina's chrome helmets. They were shiny. They looked nothing like what the Tar Heels should be wearing. The foot print logo was not a bad touch, but we're still giving this the thumbs down.


But its' hard to argue with the results. The Tar Heels stormed back for a come-from-behind victory on Giovani Bernard's great 73-yard punt return in the final minute. In fairness, it's possible NC State's defenders were blinded by the helmet as Bernard streaked by them.

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