Mizzou wastes no time declaring its allegiance to the SEC

Dr. Saturday

Mizzou isn't going to leave for the SEC without setting some small fires to its bridge with the Big 12.

On Wednesday, the university released a new SEC promotional video featuring several athletes playing their various sports against a black backdrop. In the background, a voiceover makes sure to let everyone know how much better Missouri's new conference is compared to its old one.

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"They say you rise to the level of competition ... That playing great teams only makes you better ... We're counting on it."

Just to recap, the SEC has great teams, the Big 12 does not. I just want to make sure no one missed the not-so-subtle message there.

Meanwhile, Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel is convinced the Kansas series will continue and just to make sure, he gave a jumbo-sized (geez, that's never going to get old) shout-out to the rivalry.

"I wish the Big 12 luck. I'd never wish Kansas luck. I can't do that. That's against my principles," Pinkel told 610 AM sports in Kansas City. "But certainly I hope the Big 12 does really, really well. Let's just move on. Gosh darn, it's not that complex."

I appreciate that Missouri is excited to be in a new league, but it may want to tone it down just a little bit. Mizzou's move to the SEC is a big sore spot within the Big 12 and rubbing it in isn't helping.  So in the words of Cam from the television show Modern Family, let it scab, Mizzou, let it scab.

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