Lane Kiffin wins the day for the shortest press conference

Lane Kiffin's press conference started out so well, an update about practice and then an innocuous question about an injury.

That's when Kiffin walked away. The press conference lasted approximately 28 seconds.

The injury question was muted to preserve the access of Lindsay Thiry, who put the shortened media session on YouTube, but it was clear Kiffin was perturbed it was asked.

Last week, USC made national headlines for banning a reporter from practice and a game for writing about an injury, which is against team policy. That policy has since been revisited, and the reporters access was reinstated, but it doesn't mean Kiffin has changed his rule about talking about injuries and this proves it.

Very few coaches talk about injuries. It's out of safety for the player. If an opponent knew what was ailing a certain player, they might be more inclined to target that trouble spot.

I don't blame Kiffin for walking out. Yeah, it's childish and he should have just gone on to the next question, but it's not like the "we don't talk about injuries" rule is new.

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