Kliff Kingsbury had a dance-off at practice Thursday (Video)

Need another reason why recruits' moms may flirt with Kliff Kingsbury? Look at his dance moves.

Texas Tech had a dance-off after practice Thursday and Kingsbury jumped in against WR Derreck Edwards after taking off his long sleeve Texas Tech shirt to reveal a "Too Turnt Up" shirt.

There's no doubt he's the coolest coach in college football. Not just anyone can pull off the backwards visor and sunglasses look. (Don't you think Kingsbury wears a visor as to not mess up his hair? We do.)

He's probably the best dancing coach too. And we also now wonder if his Twitter handle @TTUKingsbury stands for "Too Turnt Up Kingsbury."

After the Gosling comparisons, rapping, dancing, Esquire interviews and E! television features, it's hard to believe that Kingsbury could become even more popular. But if Texas Tech wins the Big 12 in 2014, or at least avoids the five-game skid it ended the season in 2013 on, it's very possible.

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(Video at the top filmed by former Texas Tech linebacker Sam Fehoko.)

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