Kansas State develops tearaway jersey to solve duplicate number problem (Video)

It looks like Kansas State’s equipment staff found a solution for a problem Florida State had earlier in the season.

Watch this video:

As you can see, two KSU staff members rip a No. 87 jersey off Dominique Heath, who normally wears No. 4. Why does Heath have to wear two jerseys, you ask? Well, like many other teams, Kansas State has more than 100 players on its roster, so the Wildcats have multiple players who have the same jersey number.

In this instance, the Wildcats have another No. 4 – sophomore defensive back Kaleb Prewitt.

So when Heath, a wide receiver who also returns kicks, plays on special teams alongside Prewitt, one of them has to wear a different number. Heath was obviously the odd man out, but Kansas State developed a unique and efficient technique to solve this issue.

Earlier this season, Florida State ran into the same problem with much different results.

Maybe the Florida State equipment staff will reach out to Kansas State for some pointers.

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