Hugh Freeze tells fans on Twitter to email Ole Miss’ compliance staff if they have recruiting violation facts

National Signing Day is this Wednesday. Which means we're at about the height of craziness and paranoia before high-school kids sign their National Letter of Intent.

Social media and the Internet in general makes the entire process tougher. It's very easy for fans to put wild accusations on message boards or send tweets to the undecided recruits considering their favorite school. It's also easy for fans of opposing schools to make unsubstantiated claims about recruiting violations.

This has all made it exceptionally hard on coaches, managing the madness. Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze apparently had enough late last week and sent a rather agitated message on Twitter:

The original tweet has been deleted. Perhaps by request from the poor guy that has the email address and got a billion trolling messages since the coach put up that message.

It's hard to blame Freeze for being on edge because it's a delicate time for him. Ole Miss has the No. 11 class according to Rivals, and is still in on some undecided top recruits, most notably No. 1 overall player Robert Nkemdiche, a defensive end from Georgia. Getting all the commitments signed and landing a few more who are on the fence would be a program-changing event for the Rebels.

Over the next couple days, things will get very intense for everyone who is involved with recruiting or follows it closely. Hopefully decorum and common sense prevail and there isn't too many instances of fans trying to get in on the recruiting pitches, try to police perceived recruiting violations, or slander any players trying to make a big decision.

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