Harvey Updyke confesses to poisoning Auburn’s trees on same day jury is picked for his trial

Harvey Updyke admitted to poisoning the Toomer's Corner trees — to the Auburn student paper.

The Plainsman broke the admission of guilt Tuesday when community editor Andrew Yawn approached Updyke outside of an elevator on the second floor of the Lee County Justice Center in Opelika, Ala. Yawn stated he was a reporter and asked Updyke about his guilt.

"Did I do it? Yes," Updyke said.

Interestingly enough, Updyke was in the building because a jury is being selected to determine whether he is guilty of several counts of desecration of a venerated object, first-degree criminal mischief and unlawful damage or vandalism of a crop facility — or simply, poisoning Auburn's most prized tradition because of a rivalry between Alabama and Auburn.

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"They're going to find me guilty… it's a done deal," Updyke said. "I don't think I'm going to get a fair trial."

This isn't the first time Updyke has admitted to poisoning the trees. Last September, Updyke appeared on the Paul Finebaum shown and apologized to Auburn fans for "the damage I have done." That admission cost him his lawyer, Glennon Threatt Jr., who asked to withdraw as Updyke's representation in October after Updyke went on the radio program against his attorney's wishes.

Updyke's current lawyer, Everett Wess, told the Mobile Press-Register that he was "a little taken aback" by The Plainsman story.

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