The Fiesta Bowl mascot will haunt your dreams

Dr. Saturday

Meet Spirit, the Fiesta Bowl's mascot and perhaps the scariest thing most of us have ever seen.

Don't look away. Take him all in. Those glazed-over eyes, those hands with no arms, the swirly cheeks that are similar to those on the puppet in the movie Saw. He'll be haunting your nightmares for years to come.

Now imagine you're a player, coach or administrator from Stanford or Oklahoma State, taxiing on a private runway at Sky Harbor Airport. You look out of your window only to find Spirit staring back at you, waving his creepy armless hand and daring you to step off the plane and be his friend.

It might be enough to keep some players from deplaning.

If the Fiesta Bowl's plan was to make both teams feel worse about not making the national championship game, it has definitely succeeded.

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Photo courtesy of Jeff Metcalfe.
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